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MIQ is all about promoting a culture of business excellence... and quality
From the Director's Desk
From the Director's Desk
Harsh Kumar Director-MIQ

Welcome to a voyage of learning and discovery; to a world of reflection, networking and knowledge; to India's premier school of quality - Mahindra Institute of Quality.

Set up as a residential institute nestled in lush green surroundings, the campus offers top-end infrastructure; a highly - rated faculty, both in-house as well as experts and practitioners from industry and academia, and an ambience conducive to imbibing wisdom.

MIQ is an abode of learning, a knowledge­-sharing hub where quality is a way of life; MIQ is about the pursuit of business excellence, of creating the business leaders of tomorrow. We invite you to join us on this intellectual journey to create change agents to drive organization­-wide excellence.

In addition to our standard menu of offerings in the quality space - Quality Tools, Lean, SSBB, TRIZ, SMED, VSM, HEP, et al - MIQ offers customized programs tailored to a specific industry context, and flagship Post Graduate Diploma programs in Management focused on Manufacturing, Operations and Service, for Mahindra as well as external participants.

MIQ's differentiator is its focus on implementation, of hand holding participants to realise the benefits of content imbibed by them during classroom learning, and of undertaking quality management consultancy projects for corporates. Come, partner with us to benefit from our wide menu of offerings, to together create the enterprises of tomorrow.

Welcome aboard!

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