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Comprehensive program for developing competencies in continuous improvement using statistical tools which enable Engineers / Executives to solve Quality & Operational problems resulting in boosting organisation bottom line & career enhancement for individuals.




To develop advanced competence in systematic Problem Solving using advanced Statistical Tools.
Promote the use of advanced Statistical Tools in solving chronic and complex problems.
Develop a pool of officers proficient in the application of advanced Statistical Tools & Techniques.

Course Contents

§  Basic 7 QC tools: Check sheet, Stratification, Pareto  diagram, cause & effect Diagram, Histogram,  Scatter Plot & Control Charts

§  Problem Solving using QC Story approach

§  DMAIC Methodology in detail :

§  Define phase: VOC to CTQ & VOB to CTQ conversion, Process mapping tools like PFD, SIPOC, TDC, FDC

§  Measure phase: Measurement System Analysis, overview of Minitab, variation charting tools – Box  plot, variable & attribute control charts, Statistical Process Control & Capability Indices and Sigma Level calculation

§  Analyse Phase: Hypothesis testing using comparative  analysis, Simple & multiple regression, Shainin tools

§  Improve phase: Various methods of identifying the solutions, Solution evaluation matrix, Power &   sample size calculations.

§  Control Phase: Various control systems for solution  sustenance, Pokayoke mplementation

§  Exercise & sharing of case studies.

Course Highlights

After the completion of the program, participants are required to lead and complete a QC Story project using advanced quality tools, at their work place. Post-program support will be provided by MIQ to assist participants in applying their learnings.

  • Eligibility

    Graduate executives / Engineers, Engineering Students or Diploma Holders who are interested to learn about Six Sigma and want to boost their career.

  • Duration
    30 hours
  • Venue
    Online through virtual class room

On line through virtual class room

   Individual exercises 

    Case studies and success stories


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