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Design of Experiments (Classical)


In design and manufacturing, experimentation is very important in establishing, controlling and improving a product/process. The challenge is optimizing  parameters to get the best output. Design of experiments (DOE) is a methodology for systematically applying statistics to experimentation so that with less number of experiments one is able to find the best setting/parameter


The program aims to develop competence in application of DOE to solve complex problems and optimize the process/product parameters.

Course Contents

Introduction to DOE, terminology, comparative methods, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Limitations of One factor at a time experiments (OFAT), Screening design (Plackett-Burman), full factorial DOE, Determination of effects, Design and analysis, Response optimizer.

Post-Program Assignment

After completion of the program, participants are assigned a project at their workplace. Post program support will be provided by MIQ team to assist participants in applying their learning.

  • Eligibility

    Engineers/Executives with minimum 2 years of experience

  • Duration
    12 hours
  • Venue
    Online through virtual class room
  • Online through virtual class room
  • Individual exercise
  • Case studies sharing

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