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Design of Experiments (Classical)


Classical Design of experiments is a specialized program which combines both statistical tools and Process optimisation tools for effective problem solving. Participants will learn the limitation of one factor at a time strategy (OFAT) and the application of design of experiments (DOE) to solve complex problems.


The program aims to develop competence in application of DOE to solve complex problems and optimize the process/product parameters.

Course Contents

Introduction to DOE, terminology, comparative methods, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Limitations of One factor at a time experiments (OFAT), Screening design (Plackett-Burman), full factorial DOE, Determination of effects, Design and analysis, Response optimizer.

Post-Program Assignment

After completion of the program, participants are assigned a project at their workplace. Post program support will be provided by MIQ team to assist participants in applying their learning.

  • Eligibility

    Engineers/Executives with minimum 2 years of experience

  • Duration
    2 Days
  • Venue
    Mahindra Institute of Quality (MIQ), Nashik
  • Classroom learning
  • Self-Learning Teams (SLT)
  • Individual and team exercises using Minitab software and case studies

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