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MIQ is an abode of learning, a knowledge-sharing hub where quality is a way of life
Our Consulting Assignments
Our Consulting Assignments
MIQ provides consultation in the areas of Quality Improvement, Advanced Statistics, Daily Work Management, Lean, TQM coaching, Safety and beyond.

Examples of consulting assignments handled by MIQ:

1. Plant rejections Client: Large automotive equipment manufacturer MIQ worked on an assignment to reduce process rejections at this manufacturer’s plant. This involved training of the team on critical quality tools including Problem solving, Shainin techniques, Regression analysis and Classical Design of Experiments; application of such tools on shop-floor projects, and facilitation to identify causes contributing to high rejections. Overall rejections in die casting were reduced by 50% over a 9 month period.

2. Lean Client: Large automotive service dealership An assignment on Implementation of Lean practices was taken up by MIQ, with a focus on 5S and tool management. Improvement projects were identified on vehicle flow management, and inventory reduction, leading to significantly higher productivity levels and lowered cost of service.

3. Daily Work Management (DWM) Client: Leading Engineering, Construction and Project Management major: MIQ has facilitated the implementation of Daily Work Management practices at two of their units. The assignment involved training the team on DWM methodology, development of a model area, and horizontal deployment across both units. At the same time, quality improvement projects to address chronic problems were facilitated by MIQ involving training on systematic problem solving tools, and hand holding on DPM (defects per million) reduction, leading to significant benefits.

4. TQM roll-out and handholding for Deming Application Prize Client: Large integrated steel plant MIQ has been engaged by this company to assist with their TQM roll-out, and prepare them to apply for the Deming Application Prize.  

5. Service Blueprinting Client: Leading hospitality major A Service Blueprinting assignment for their reservation process was taken up by MIQ leading to development of behavioural standards and deployment of a Service Excellence framework for their member relations team.

6. Deming Application Prize Client Mobile Tower company: MIQ has been engaged by this company to assist with their Deming Application Prize Certification with focus on leadership involvement and DWM implementation. 

7. Quality Management System Client:Instrumentation controls company MIQ has been engaged by the company for establishing quality management systems at their factory.

8. TRIZ: MIQ and AD Igatpuri won the Best Paper and Best Presentation in the category of Process Innovation at the TRIZ Asia conference. The project related to recovery of waste heat during engine testing and its re-use resulting in breakthrough reduction in power consumption.

9. Dexterity School Client Engineering company: MIQ established a Dexterity School (basic skill development training centre for operators) at one of their plants.

10. Safety for a large automotive manufacturing unit:MIQ worked on an assignment to implement Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) at the plant leading to a cultural transformation at the workplace. This should reflect in lower safety-related incidents by the next year. 

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