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Internet of Things


IoT is becoming an increasingly growing topic of importance both in the workplace and outside of it. This workshop aims to provide insights into the world of IoT currently underway which will impact various functions like Manufacturing, Quality, Maintenance, Procurement, New Product Development, etc.

in Manufacturing It aims to facilitate understanding of related concepts to help participants work on a roadmap to be future ready.

Course Contents
  • IoT and the Connected World: What are the IoT Fundamentals & Ecosystem and various school of thoughts, IoT Drivers, trends and building blocks in simple language.
  • IoT Technologies & Applications: IoT technology spectrum, Hype Vs Reality, impact on future Manufacturing & Supply Chain Process
  • IoT applications in Manufacturing & Supply Chain Process: How to get started with IoT?Key IoT Capabilities,IoT Infrastructure, limitations and approach for your department.How to evaluate right IoT technology, vendors & various engagement approach.
  • Design Thinking Session on IoT Users to post their business problem statements on board, and few selected would be discussed in details how to approach in problem solving using IoT
  • Eligibility

    Managerial band people from Manufacturing, Quality Procurement, Supply Chain, New Product Development etc. who need to imbibe future trends in digitization.

  • Duration
    1 day
  • Venue
    Kandivli, Mumbai

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