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Supply Chain Risk Management


Evolving Supply Chain Strategies such as Globalization, Outsourcing, Supply-base rationalization, Just-in-time deliveries, Lean inventories and many more increase the vulnerability of the Supply Chain. In addition, many companies have consolidated operations both internally and externally to achieve economies of scale. Recent events like pandemic and shortages have made it necessary to properly identify and handle supply chain risks, and the program is designed to address this need.


The program aims to deliver world class Risk Management framework & process for managers to work on the holistic dimensions of risks. It introduces participants to the concept of risk, impact of risk on Supply Chain objectives and how risk management can be used to understand, communicate and deal with risk.

Course Contents

       What is Supply Chain Risk management
       Principles of Supply Chain Risk Management
       Various types Risks
       SCM Risk management framework
       Causes of Risks in Supply Chain
       Tools for Supply Chain Risk identification
       Risk Map and Response plan
       Risk Management on routine basis


  • Eligibility

    Supply Chain Managers with 8 to 20 years of work experience

  • Duration
    6 hours
  • Venue
    Online through virtual class room
  • Instructor led virtual 
  • Self-learning teams
  • Individual and team exercises
  • Case studies
  • Experience sharing

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