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Business Excellence Model

A structured approach to promote excellence in pursuit of business goals
What is The Mahindra Way?
What is The Mahindra Way?

The Mahindra Way (TMW) is the group’s business excellence model. It is an approach that extends beyond the quality of our products and services to encompass excellence across functions, processes and operations within businesses.

Being the business excellence model of the group, TMW promotes the adoption of certain Group Common Policies and Practices (GCPPs) to be followed by all businesses and functions. Towards this endeavor, TMW works closely with process owners of these common policies and practices such as Group Strategy Office, Group Sustainability, Central Safety Council, Diversity Council, Group HR, Group Corporate Industrial Relations, Corporate Governance Cell and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Key Features of TMW
  • It is a framework for our group companies to systematically implement and promote the use of quality management through prioritized, systematic and continuous improvement and the application of Group Common Policies and Practices.
  • It lays equal emphasis on process improvements as it does on achievement of results against plans/budgets.
  • It provides guidance and support to companies for planning systematic improvements.
  • It encourages the practice of self-examination as the primary means of pursuing ever higher levels of excellence.
  • It works on the principle that the strive for excellence is everybody’s business and, therefore, promotes active involvement and participation of employees.
  • It encourages education and training in quality management and operational excellence.

Annual assessments are conducted by experienced assessors which serves two purposes: it provides companies with feedback on implementation of TMW and serves as a common yardstick to measure TMW maturity across different companies in the group.

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