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First Time Right & Every Time Right the Poka yoke Way


For any process 99.9% quality level is not good enough and quality problem must be resolved. Mistakes must be eliminated for achieving a defect free process. This program enables a process owner to Systematically identify the potential problems and fix them using various error proofing techniques.


To enable participants in understanding the  preventive  way of analysing process to identify the failure modes in the process and applying mistake proofing techniques to reduce and eliminate defects. Give a working knowledge on Principles & methods of Human Error Prevention

Course Contents


  •  Preventive way of analysing the process and identifying the failure modes & establishing controls.
  • Introduction to Error Proofing
  • Why errors are Made
  • Inspecting Vs Error Proofing
  •  Approaches to Error Proofing
  • Integrating Error Proofing and Problem solving
  • Human Error Prevention – Principles & approach
  •  Practical simulation










  • Eligibility

    Front line employees, engineers, managers and supervisors in manufacturing environment.

  • Duration
    2 Days
  • Classroom learning
  • Self-learning teams
  • Individual and team exercises
  • Case studies
  • Experience sharing and industrial visit

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