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Essentials of Gear Manufacturing


This program will help participants to get basic knowledge of gear manufacturing process, important process parameters, material and gear inspection.


To ensure basic technical knowledge on gear manufacturing process used in auto industry.

Course Contents
  • Introduction, Gear Terminology, standards, overview of gear manufacturing methods and equipment’s for cylinders gears.
  • Gear Machining in soft- Hobbing, shaping, shaving.
  • Working principle, process parameters, work set up and tool set up methods with case-studies.
  • Material and heat treatment process for gear manufacturing.
  • Gear Machining in hard.
  • Gear inspection reports and interpretation.
Course Highlights

This program will provide thorough knowledge of gear manufacturing, material selection, different types of tools used in gear manufacturing and standardization.

  • Eligibility

    4 years of work experience after engineering or diploma including lateral hires.

  • Duration
    2 days
  • Venue
    Mahindra Institute of Quality (MIQ), Nashik
  • Lectures
  • Case Studies

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