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Business Excellence Model

A structured approach to promote excellence in pursuit of business goals
Message from Executive Chairman
Message from Executive Chairman

Our journey to business excellence was flagged off in 2008 by the Mahindra Quality Way (MQW). As we grew in size and complexity, there was a need felt to adopt certain common policies and practices across the Mahindra Group. So, in 2013, MQW evolved into The Mahindra Way (TMW).

TMW is an integrated approach to promote excellence in everything we do. It provides a structured approach to achieving business excellence. It promotes sustainable growth through application of robust systems and processes. It creates synergies and uniformity through a set of group-wide common policies and practices. In short, TMW is a comprehensive framework that sets out the way the Group expects its diverse businesses to function in our quest for world class standards.

I am indeed proud of the way MIQ has contributed towards embedding this business excellence mind-set across the group. My compliments to the MIQ team for its continuous crusade to set high performance standards and establish TMW-driven processes. However, pursuit of business excellence is an unending journey. This revised Guidebook is our latest initiative towards making TMW a way of life in the Mahindra Group. I am sure that every business will use these guidelines to achieve excellence in every sphere.

- Anand G. Mahindra

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