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This is a comprehensive program for developing highly advanced competencies in continuous improvement using advanced statistical tools which enable managers to solve complex Quality, Operational and Supply Chain problems resulting in significant business benefits. It enables executives to mentor Yellow Belt and Green Belt Projects.


To develop competence in complex Problem Solving using advanced statistical tools.
Promote the use of advanced statistical tools in solving chronic problems.
Develop a pool of officers proficient in the application and training of highly advanced statistical tools and techniques.

Course Contents

§  Basic 7 QC tools: Check sheet, Stratification, Pareto  diagram, cause & effect Diagram, Histogram,  Scatter Plot & Control Charts

§  Problem Solving using QC Story approach

§  DMAIC Methodology in detail :

§  Define phase: VOC to CTQ & VOB to CTQ conversion, Process mapping tools like PFD, SIPOC, TDC, FDC

§  Measure phase: Measurement System Analysis, overview of Minitab, variation charting tools – Box  plot, variable & attribute control charts, Statistical Process Control & Capability Indices and Sigma Level calculation

§  Analyse Phase: Hypothesis testing using comparative  analysis, Simple & multiple regression, Shainin tools

§  Improve phase: Various methods of identifying the solutions, Solution evaluation matrix, Power &   sample size calculations.

§  Control Phase: Various control systems for solution  sustenance, Pokayoke mplementation

§  Exercise & sharing of case studies.

§  New Management tools :  Affinity diagram, relationship diagram, Tree Diagram, Arrow Diagram, Matrix Diagram.

§  Central limit theorem & confidence interval

§  Hypothesis testing of nonparametric data

§  Treatment of non normal data & capability study of non normal data

§   Discrete distribution: Binomial, Hypergeometric & Poisson

§   Continuous distribution: Normal, Exponential & Weibull

§   Regression: Multiple & logistic

§   Design of Experiments: Full Factorial, Taguchi & Surface response     

  • Eligibility

    Graduate executives / Engineers,

    Engineering Students or Diploma Holders

    who are interested to learn about Six Sigma


    and want to boost their career.

  • Duration
    60 hours
  • Venue
    Online through virtual class room

On line through virtual class room

   Individual exercises 

    Case studies and success stories


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