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Data Analytics


Big Data and Advanced analytics are creating profound new opportunities for businesses, yet it is found that only 4% of companies are able to combine the right people, tools, data and organizational focus to take its advantage. To realize the value of Big Data, it is imperative that business leaders be aware of the new tools to derive competitive advantage from their data assets and analytical capabilities.


The workshop aims to provide insights into the world of Big Data and Analytics to address business challenges.

  • The program aims to facilitate understanding of related concepts to help participants work on a roadmap to become the digital enterprise of tomorrow.
  • This program’s objective is to introduce the audience to Application of Big Data and Analytics and share some examples and case studies of trends seen in the global context.
  • The day long program is set in a mix of discussion and workshop mode.
Course Contents
  • Demystifying Analytics: Overview of Big Data and Analytics tools, need for Big Data and Internet of Things
  • Analytics Applied: Tools and data sources, Segmentation and Capacity Development
  • Building an Analytical Organization: Prioritizing business impact areas and roadmap for implementation
  • Analytics @ Work
Course Highlights
  • Post program, participants will be able to :
    • Understand Big data and analytical tools
  • Need for Big Data and its sources.
    • How Analytics is helping organizations across their value chain
    • Customer experience and the use of Analytics
  • Techniques of Data Analysis
  • Building a Blue print for an Analytics-driven organization.
  • Eligibility

    Department Heads and above from Service, Procurement, Supply Chain, IT, Marketing, Sales and After Sales operations who need to imbibe future trends in analytics.

  • Duration
    1 day
  • Venue

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