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Essentials of Reliability Engineering


Program contents understanding of different reliability concepts and application of them for product and process quality improvements


The program aims to develop competence in application of reliability tools and concepts like Product Life Cycle, Basic probability concepts, Probability Distributions in Reliability Engineering, Life Data Analysis of Non-repairable Systems, and Warranty Data Analysis.

Course Contents
  • Product Life Cycle
  • Basic probability concepts
  • Probability Distributions in Reliability Engineering
  • Life Data Analysis of Non-repairable Systems
  • Warranty Data Analysis
  • Reliability Block Diagrams
  • Reliability of New Products: Reliability Growth
  • Reliability in Design
  • FMEA
  • Robust Design
  • Human Factors and considerations
  • De-rating Principles and Methods
  • Reliability Prediction
  • Reliability Testing and introduction to Accelerated Life tests
  • Reliability Improvement
  • Eligibility

    Professionals with 5-10 years of total work experience in Design and Development, Quality, warranty, Maintenance and Support functions.

  • Duration
    3 days
  • Venue
    Mahindra Institute of Quality (MIQ), Nashik
  • Classroom learning
  • Self-learning teams
  • Individual and team exercises
  • Case studies
  • Experience sharing

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