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Cost of Poor Quality


This training program  covers the concept & application of Cost Of Poor Quality (COPQ) in decision making.  Just like an iceberg, the hidden cost of poor quality far outweighs visible poor quality costs like defectives and rework. COPQ enables organisations identify major cost  drivers and saving opportunities to become more efficient. The program would also provide insights in reducing COPQ


Overview of Cost of Poor Quality, its constituents & and its application in profitability increase by systematic and sustainable reduction of COPQ

Course Contents

       Introduction to Cost of Poor Quality               

       Elements of Poor Quality Cost

       Examples from various industries

       COPQ Calculation template

       Case Study & practical experience sharing

  • Eligibility

    Executives who have 3 to 10 years of work experience in manufacturing, supplier quality, SCM, maintenance, planning and quality assurance

    Participants should have basic knowledge of quality

  • Duration
    5 hours
  • Venue
    Online through virtual class room

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