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Mahindra Lean Bronze Certificate


In order to improve efficiency and reduce costs, Lean manufacturing is gaining prominence amongst all progressive companies .To build world class Lean competency amongst engineers, there is a need of a structured competency building program which is comparable with internationally recognised Lean programs. To address the aforementioned need,this program has been launched after benchmarking with Lean programs offered by international organisations like American Society for Quality (ASQ), Shingo Institute, and Society for manufacturing Engineering (SME). The Mahindra Lean Bronze (MLB) certificate programme aims to develop basic lean manufacturing competencies and enable participants implement a lean project at workplace within four months of the program. Those successfully qualifying the Lean Bronze certificate, will be eligible to appear for the next advanced Lean program i.e. Mahindra Lean Silver (MLS) Certificate Program. Thus, this initiative aims to provide individuals and companies with a comprehensive and effective roadmap for executive development in Lean manufacturing that aligns with internationally recognized standards.


To build competency in basic Lean manufacturing and enable implement Lean projects at workplace.

Course Contents

Lean foundation, Lean Pillars, 3 M, Waste identification ,Value stream map, enhancing value, JIT ,SMED, Jidoka, Water spider, Tools for value improvement, application examples , exercises, company visit.

  • Eligibility

    Engineers having 2 to 6 years of working experience in manufacturing and related functions like manufacturing engineering, maintenance, projects, supplier development etc. who are required to implement lean manufacturing at workplace. It is recommended that the participants come to the program with a simple Lean project which is required to be implemented at workplace in next 3-4 months.

  • Venue
    Mahindra Institute of Quality (MIQ), Nashik

classroom lectures, case studies, exercises and company visit.


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