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Executive Diploma in Quality Management (EDQM)


Engineering education provides conceptual and theoretical inputs but does not lay emphasis on practical skills required to face challenges at the shop floor. In order to build a foundation of quality and operational management skills in front line engineers, a need was felt for a holistic program to disseminate knowledge on related tools and techniques, and their application in day-to-day work. The program aims to fulfil this need by developing fundamental quality and operational management competencies, and application orientation, among participants enabling them to imbibe good work practices and create a culture of excellence at their workplace.

  • Develop basic quality management competencies
  • Enhance analytical skills and data-based decision making
  • Develop basic operational management competencies
  • Application of QM practices at the workplace through successful project implementation.
Course Contents

Quality Management General Concepts:Basic concepts, Product Quality, Process Quality, Social Quality Cost of Quality, Concept of Grade, Fundamentals of Quality Management, PDCA & SDCA cycles. Quality losses during product life cycle, Basic Problems in Quality Management, Examples and exercises. Concept of Continuous improvement, Policy Deployment, BSC Deployment, Linkage of BSC to Daily Management, Role of Daily Management.

Quality Management in manufacturing: PFD, PFMEA, Work station standardization, Methods to develop operator skills, Equipment maintenance; TPM: Principles, 8 Pillars, 16 Losses, Concept of OEE

Statistical Methods of Problem Solving: QC Story approach, Seven QC Tools. Practical examples, case studies and individual exercises. Variable and attribute charts, MSA - GRR studies; Cross tabulation methods & visual inspection, SPC and Process capability studies

Employee Involvement (EI) at workplace: Role of front line executives in EI, Methodologies of EI at workplace, Small group activities, Basic principles of QC circles & Human Error Prevention (Japanese examples)

Operations Management: Essentials of Project Management , dos and don’ts , application examples, LEAN:- Principles, Value, Flow, Waste, Pull; VSM, SMED, Lean thinking, Error proofing, Visual Mgt., Practical Examples, exercises, Essentials of Supply Chain Management, Supplier development, applications, examples

Quality Management Case Studies: TQM journey of a Deming Award company, TQM Journey of AFS, applications, examples.

Post-Program Assignment

Participants are expected to apply learnings imbibed during the program at their workplace. This will be supported by MIQ's faculty.

  • Eligibility

    Engineers / Diploma holders with 2 to 4 years of work experience in manufacturing, quality, maintenance, planning, supplier development, etc. can be nominated for the program.

  • Duration
    E-learning modules plus 2 weeks residential training, in 2 phases
  • Venue
    Mahindra Institute of Quality (MIQ), Nashik.

The program employs a unique blended-learning methodology through use of e-learning as well as classroom teaching.

  • E-learning: Basic quality concepts will be imparted through e-learning modules.
  • Classroom learning:  Sessions will be conducted at MIQ, Nashik in 2 phases

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